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US 2,186,629


Door Butler®


US 5,829,098

Utility Patent

Reinforcement Basal Plate For Reciprocating Operative Device


US D395,995

Design Patent

Checking Mechanism For Reciprocating Devices Including Door Closer Systems


US 5,953,789

CIP Patent

Checking Mechanism For Reciprocative Devices


US 6,032,331

Divisional Patent

Checking Mechanisms With Variable Plane Trigger Plates


US D425,399

Design Patent

Checking Mechanism With A Curvature Trigger Appendage For Door Closers


US D425,776

Design Patent

Checking Mechanism For Reciprocative Devices Including Door Closers


US 6,397,431

Utility Patent

Spring Assembly Causing Towards Any Opened Position With Reciprocative Door Closer Devices


US 6,640,387

Utility Patent

Damper Assembly That Opts To Open Doors For Usage With Reciprocating Door Closer Devices


 10/797396 Utility Pat Pend

Magnetism To Control Compressive Friction Checks For Rods Including  Door Closers



Not Pat Pend

Linking Compressive Friction Checks For Bi-Directional Control By Tinsel Rod Strength



Not Pat Pend

Checking Mechanisms With Non-Variable Trigger

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