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What is MagChek™?

MagChek™ is a simple magnetic concept which will control the superior RedThing™ check tab from Door Butler®.  This creates the only closer in over 110 years, capable of every hold option known to mankind.

Some of you might already know what Charlie™ has been saying since 1996.  Believe it or not, Mr. Smarty Pants thinks he's gonna soon become the world's leading authority on door closer technology!

MagChek™ will also improve many adjustable devices to control objects by using a similar rod & compressive friction check system.


How Will it Sell?

MagChek™ for closers will consist of a durable PVC or similar plastic disk housing a (NdFeB) magnet and the RedThing™.

Targeted wholesale price in bulk poly-bags as low as $.95 ea. for door companies.  Warranty could be based on the life of closer body.

 MagChek™ might also retrofit with no fasteners, no moving parts, no added packaging, and no pinched fingers!

 MagChek™ could also be manufactured into the closer.  Another attachment method might use a lock bushing w/ the following punch change at the center hole for the rod.  Our new TriLoc™ design is also now complete.

If you are a manufacturer, please consider an exclusive WPO partnership with my firm to market a new line.


How Does it Work?

MagChek™ creates a closer similar to the popular National® Touch 'n Hold™, for "hands-free" operation.  This is known as immediate tab set.

However, MagChek™ doesn't require the push of a button to set.  Instead, the RedThing™ requires no more force than the touch of the feather! This is not a joke.  See Video Clip

And, just like the Touch 'n Hold™, our “Touch ’o Feather™” lets you bump the door slightly outward for closure.  All this from a magnet!

Charlie Says: "But Wait...There's More!"

MagChek™ also retains basic tab set to hold when you don't want the door to close (i.e.: moving furniture, pets, etc.).  Never before has a single closer offered both these hold options!  See Video Clip

Please note that the patented unique shape of the RedThing™ check tab will not easily pinch fingers, including those of a small child.


Disability Assistance

MagChek Ultra™ will include an optional magnetic wheel.  This will create a closer to include basic tab set, immediate tab set, and progressive tab set to hold at every outward position.

Yes, my patented components also make this too the first closer in history which will offer all three combined hold options.

Progressive is helpful for disabled people using mobility devices, as it assists to hold while the door is pushed outward.

An attractive device Wright Products® Easy Touch™ similarly offers progressive tab by twisting a mechanical dial.  The brochure states that it prevents the hold from "accidentally disengaging if bumped".

However, to close the dial must again be re-twisted and "returned to the unlocked position", perhaps not always as convenient for some.

MagChek Ultra™ not only eliminates accidental closure, it offers "feather-touch" hold, and lets you "opt" for progressive hold too.  Oh yea,  you can also "bump" the door to close it... which is really not a bad idea!

Charlie Says: "Beauty Is Function!"

Please note that my company has been successfully marketing the introductory DoorButler® Operator to assist disabled people.  MagChek Ultra™ will absolutely now make it complete.

A message to all our customers who have already purchased our product:

You can receive the upgraded at a reduced charge.  Please email us for details.  Thank you for having confidence in our products.


Low Volt Entry Door Operator

MagChek™ also could create the first closer/opener for residential doors that can use a 12-24V DC battery.  This device will act like a normal closer, until remotely activated by a pushbutton for providing assistance.  See Action Clip


Sliding Door Operator

MagChek™ also could create an inexpensive residential sliding door operator, that enslaves the door only during activation.  Otherwise the door remains free to operate normally, not reliant on the operator.


Other Industrial Products

Furthermore, MagChek™ will combine with other inventions to create linkable compressive friction mechanisms, which will use the tinsel strength of a rod to control objects of any size and weight.  See Video Clip

The concept will operate similar to a “Chinese Finger Cuff”.  If you ever played with one of these as a child, you are fully aware that the cuff is capable of pulling your fingers off your hands!  That is, the harder you pull the harder it tightens.  However, unlike the finger cuff my invention can lock in both directions.

Another friction check invention comprising a non-variable trigger will too assist for many devices by using cams, levers, and springs.

The new checks could improve devices including the sliding door operator; quick-release parachute harness; buckles; threadless fasteners; pulling, towing, lifting, and hitching devices; linear actuator & robotic controllers; clamps; extension poles; standalone pedestals; triggers; tent & canopy legs; adjustable tools such as wrenches and pliers, improve caulking gun and many others.

Charlie Says: "This Guy's Out of Control!"


Your Company Can Participate

At this time I am interested in communicating with companies also foreseeing these inventive concepts.  I am learning that there are many.

Seeking WPO partnerships & exclusive licensing opportunities.

Thank you, and best wishes to all whom have taken the time to visit this site.

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