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Dedicated OEM Now Positioning For Exclusiveness

February 18, 2006

     Having taken a bit longer than expected, a most progressive OEM (Original Equipment Mfg.) has proposed investing their resources to exclusively develop our new DoorButler® storm & screen door hardware line.

     Currently, their market share for closers consists of approx. 3,000,000 units/year mostly for US consumption.  However, their clearest vision is to challenge the entire 8,000,000 unit global market ASAP.  Ok distributors... please consider this to be your first call.

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Tooling Ready for Initial MagCheck Units

December 01, 2004

Hot off the presses comes now the first molded samples of MagChek™ new from DoorButler®.  This simple component easily snaps onto the end of most door closers.

In order to quickly launch the market, these preliminary units should fit aftermarket and also produce a complete door closer.... for now we report that several choices are availible.

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Exclusive Contract Being Considered

September 02, 2004

And yes, the time is nearing that we get down to doing some serious business!  The previously mentioned hardware firm which comprises expanding markets along many retail chains, has now presented a formal offer for exclusiveness.

Based on terms of the first draft, they certainly are demonstrating an aggressive approach towards worldwide distribution.  The offer is based on rapid deployment of the initial +/- 2,000,000 units, projected for consumption within only a first few years!

"WHAATT….  ARE THEY SERIOUS?"  Maybe; Chek out some of their language.

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Custom Door Closer Now Under Development

August 02, 2004

An innovative firm certain to become (if not already) one of the largest mfg of hardware, has taken the initiative to provide first closer samples for our new proposed line.  Several other mfgs have also expressed interest but for some reason they continue as sluggish.

We are currently testing the device, which at first glance appears similar to most every other closer.  The only difference is that once installed with our patented components, the new industry standard is born!

Unfortunately, it can't be shown now because they asked me to keep it a surprise.  But here's a pic of what the proposed $.95 poly bag kit might look like should there be a demand to retrofit others.

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Lights, Camera, Action...

June 11, 2004

Recently I was approached by a rep to a conglomerate of foreign mfgs, and offered to participate in a TV pilot including my inventions.  This would be in exchange for their right to exclusive offshore manufacturing, and a percentage of sales generated from the show. 

Perhaps it could lead to a "reality-based" show concerning the inventive process!

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Closer Modifications No Longer Mandatory

June 09, 2004

Realizing how difficult is for most OEM's to modify their existing processes, we have reinstated a simpler design which permits the P12, P15, & U15 to fixate onto most any quality OEM closer.

For now, this change omits the previously suggested center hole punch change & rod modification.  For permanence, an 1/8" pilot hole can be drilled aftermarket.

 As we finalize these changes to create initial prototype tooling, your continued patience for requested samples is appreciated.  Thank you....

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Proposed DoorButler® Product Identity

May 17, 2004

Yesterday, I was urgently contacted by one of the largest building material producers in Asia.  Their numerous plants can provide metal products such as door hardware, locks, tools, etc.

After he welcomed me to China, I realized that I had not yet designed an identity for the new DoorButler® brand.  Several hours later, I created a prelim retail product identity.

"Attention Shoppers.... There's a DoorButler® loose in isle 5!"

R. Alonso/RAPCO


The Shape of RedThings to Come!

May 14, 2004

Every successful inventor must have experienced what I am now experiencing.  I can only continue believing that my inventions are indeed heading towards development.

The following message is one from several firms having expressed certain interest in my efforts.  Please note that their identities & trade secrets will remain concealed until the appropriate time.

I hope to further motivate those who realize,  and,  maybe those who have forgotten that any steadfast market can sway once creating new industry standards. 

It is becoming more apparent that soon a cooperation might form to exclusively create, market, and distribute a new DoorButler® closer & related product lines.

R. Alonso/RAPCO

Third US Hardware Mfg Confirms Potential

May 07, 2004

During a confidential discussion with yet another US mfg of door and related hardware, they too now admit the "probability" of what I have been elaborating since 1996.

When I started RA Products Co, I wrote a specific plan towards redefining, perhaps even capturing the competitive closer market by first improving the device to create a new standard.

Out of frustration, I began the project committed to never again purchase another closer just to replace the failing check tab.  I've always knew the problem was unnecessary and fixable.

Obviously,  my job wasn't finished because I now understand that the RedThing™ needed MagChek™ to finally get the industry's attention, which I do gratefully appreciate!

I never imagined.... I just realized.

R. Alonso/RAPCO


DoorButler® Closer Requested

May 05, 2004

You've all been asking so I had to do it!  I figured out how to permanently fix MagChek™ into any closer, ultimately creating the preferred device.

It only requires a simple punch change at the cent hole for the rod.

I would also appreciate that the rod be similar to the popular National® Touch 'n Hold™, but not necessary.  My goal remains to target every competitive market; distribution for late Fall 2004.

 R. Alonso/RAPCO


In Part, An Open Letter to Lou Dobbs, Anchor CNN

May 05, 2004

Dear Lou,

I too am frustrated with the “Exporting of America”.  However, this seems to be a global problem not just affecting the good ole USA.  Advanced economies such as ours will only continue as sluggish, while developing countries like China will further rise as the unstoppable.

There is after all, a toxic consumer drift towards cheaper goods which manufactures provide with government approval.  That is, the faster it wears results in frequent sales which creates taxation from raw to retail.  Unfortunately, it does seem that for some companies quality & name brand may no longer be number one.

However, I truly believe that consumer confidence can emerge expectant of better goods, perhaps again made in America through cooperation with the giants of the Orient.

My company will seek to produce American goods by way of domestic and foreign components.  Because there could be many industries to my inventions, this could assist in a manufacturing swing back towards our beloved USA!  Perhaps I'm overambitious...

I plan to continue solicitation for other inventive concepts, by further developing products as I have attempted with door closers.  This too might create a forum of discussion for my future projects such as amgoods.com and patentchase.com.

 R. Alonso/RAPCO


Secret: A Check For External Trigger Sources

May 01, 2004

My original check invention from 1996, describes a mechanism that applies more than two friction points to a rod for controlling objects such as doors.

Now other devices such as clamps, tools, buckles, and caulk guns can be improved by utilizing a non-variable trigger which controls with external sources such as cams, levers, and springs.

Due to great interest recently expressed by many industries, I must present this disclosure now despite that no Pat. Pend. has been specified, perhaps not at all required.

I confidently state that I am the sole inventor, as no other devices have been determined to comprise my concepts!

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Caulking Gun Coming Soon?

April 22, 2004

Caulking guns are devices which operate similar to door closers.  They use a simple rod & friction check to dispense the caulk when the trigger is drawn.

Our check invention creates a caulk gun which could maintain immediate and continual pressure even after the trigger is released for the next stroke.  Thus, the bead could also remain a constant size throughout the entire draw.

Recent inquires from the industry has been positive, as requests for samples from several companies include a leading US manufacturer.

The "Bead" Goes On™!

R. Alonso/RAPCO


Overwhelming Response to MagChek™!

April 18,2004

MagChek™ was initially mass-introduced to many door and hardware companies beginning on March 18, 2004.  I am grateful to report that the immediate response from numerous industry leading companies has been stunning!

Requests have been mostly from door & hardware companies located in the US, Canada, UK, Central Europe, India, Australia, and China.

Concerning prototypes, CAD drawings are under development for a "retrofit" MagChek™ Premier12 (d1.25"), and Premier15 (d1.50").  Hopefully samples soon thereafter.  Admittedly, I would prefer that a superior DoorButler® closer be manufactured into any existing line.

Please note that I am establishing legal counsel to assist with this venture, perhaps to expedite its direction.

Storm and screen doors have one thing which has captivated my interest since 1996: the need for an improved door closer!

Thank you, and good fortune to all.

R. Alonso/RAPCO


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