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R. Alonso


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From: ES [mailto: .net]

Sent: Thursday, May 13,2004 3:47 PM

To: rapco@netzero.net

Subject: "Red Thing"

Dear Ricardo,

I was searching for screen door opener manufacturers when I came upon your "Door Butler" website; pretty neat product!

I may have a need for something like your "Red Thing" to use as a quick fastener device to hold parts together.  If my business idea works out, I would need approx 1,000 units initially, and, as the business grows I would order 5,000 at a time.

If you were satisfied that my use would not be anything like yours, and would not be in competition with any of your products at all, would you be open to my ideas?



At 04:07 PM 5/13/04 -0600, R. Alonso wrote:

Dear ES,


My inventive concepts define various industrial usages for my compressive friction check such as fasteners, buckets, clips, etc.

Also please see http://www.magchek.com/images/patfigs/mcpat/D-pmc15-19f.gif.

Thank you,

Ricardo Alonso

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